Understanding Data Privacy and Data Protection in the ‘4.0’ World – 15 November 2018

Morning Seminar: Understanding Data Privacy and Data Protection in the ‘4.0’ World


Data has become a new currency as well as an asset of many companies, large and small. The value of trade in data may one day surpass trade in goods and services. The rapidly evolving global norm is for personal data (data from which a person can be identified) to be regulated and protected.

Many business leaders recognise the importance of data privacy. Many have noted data privacy as a basic human right. Trust is an essential ingredient in managing data, including facilitating its exchange. Good data privacy practices make for competitive advantage. Businesses and individuals need to trust the internet as a means of transmitting and providing access to confidential and often sensitive information and they also need to trust that the systems which protect that data are safe, secure and reliable. Civil society has similar objectives. Government plays a key role in this process, both as a regulator and as a user of data itself.

How is data regulated and how can I manage to advantage? What is the EU GDPR and why is it relevant in Thailand? If it is Personal Data which is protected, what about commercially-derived data which is based on analysis of aggregated consumer behaviour? Can I view my own records (and correct them, or even take them down)? Do I have a ‘right to be forgotten’? If I need to send data overseas, what are the cross-border rules? What is extra-territoriality? How can I best manage data?

The SEMINAR BOOKLET contains the programme, speaker bios, a background paper covering a Primer and data, data privacy / data protection issues, and recognizes the Sponsor and Supporters without whom the Seminar would be much less interesting.


Time Item
0815–0845 Registration
0845 – 0900 Opening
MC Welcome
Opening Remarks: Mr Philipp Dupuis, Head of Economic & Trade Section, EUD Thailand
MC explains the Forum
0900 – 0910 Professor Dan Svantesson Editor, Oxford Journal of Online Data Privacy;
Co- Director, Centre for Commercial Law, Bond University, Australia.

Primer on Data– concepts, terms and expressions. See THIS BOOKLET for more details

0915 – 1030 Moderated Topic Session: Data Privacy and Data Protection in the ‘4.0’ world

Professor Dan Svantesson GDPR–and the proposed Thai law. Key issues; how is the world grappling with regulation, extra-territoriality and governance?

Ms Siranya Rhuvattana, Senior Associate, Baker McKenzie –major local and regional issues in managing data; the proposed Thai law.

Mrs Kari Laumann, VP Privacy Asia, Telenor ASA.–Operational and strategic issues in managing data; Privacy.

Moderator: Mr Bob Fox Chair, Digital Economy/ICT group JFCCT and EABC.

–Questions of participants and Role Play.

Questions from floor using Pigeonhole. Please use your own handheld device to access the Pigeonhole platform, via your own 4G cellular or the hotel’s WiFi.

1035 - 1040 Closing


See BOOKLET for Speakers, bio notes; Primer, Backgrounder and recognition of Sponsors, Supporters, Organisers.