Sustainable Development Committee

A JFCCT Sustainable Development Committee was formed in 2019. It was put on hold around May 2020 with the resignation of the then chair. This document picks up purpose and scope thinking from a constitutive document which that Committee and the Presidents’ Council agreed on, and updates it based on various external and internal developments.
The document is a thought-starter and discussion draft for a new Committee.Contact Us on this website.

Particpating in Sustainable Development Committee

Background on Sustainable Development Committee, and topics

Meeting minutes are confidential to the committee members, the JFCCT Presidents Council and chamber boards. A quarterly report is intended for wider circulation. Members should use a document level password to view the minutes.

The JFCCT Sustainable Development Committee has made a number of submissions and suggestions to Thai government and government-related bodies, covering the development of the industries. Some of these submissions appear here.In all such material, the JFCCT Sustainable Development Committee aims to be constructive and to contribute in a positive way consistent with its overall objectives.