Guillotine Project

The Guillotine Project is a fast track way of reviewing laws and regulations and removing unnecessary or unwanted laws and regulations, or revising them, according to a process. The Project is managed under the office of His Excellency Dr Kobsak Pootrakool, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office. Please do submit proposals for change or removal of any laws or regulations which are about licences or permits of any kind.

Please download the Word file here complete and submit the Word file in accordance with the instructions in the file by email to cc

Alternatively they can be submitted on the Simple and Smart Licence site at

Some 1,000 issues, regulations or laws are expected to processed by May 2019. The first batch of 370 of these can be viewed on the ‘Simple and Smart Licence’ site


Stakeholder input in the way the issues are proposed to be addressed is welcome. This can be done at At this stage this is in the Thai language, but responses can be done in English or Thai. Sometimes using a machine translation (such as Google Translate ) provides sufficient understanding of the proposal, then responses can be done in English or Thai.