Major Business Issues

JFCCT includes some 33 Chamber and Business Association members, with some 9,000 end member companies of JFCCT members. Most foreign chambers of commerce are members. JFCCT collaborates with foreign non-member chambers on many areas of common interest and aims to contribute to consensus-building in the foreign business community.

JFCCT Advocacy work covers most aspects of the Economy, via a combination of six Committees and additional specific topic working groups and other means.

In addition to, or as part of committee scope of work, additional specific topics include: General Business Environment and ‘doing business’, Work Permit & Visa (and professions), FBA and Foreign Investment, Anti-Corruption, Rule of Law and Guillotine project, BOI policy, Banking & Financial services and Agriculture

These are covered by ad hoc or on-going working groups, or in some cases by the Digital Economy / ICT Committee in collaboration with others.

This page includes reports issued by committees or the Presidents Council which are available to members of all chambers, and ‘JFCCT Quick Bites’ which can be used by member chambers to update their own members.