BEING DIGITAL webinar series #2 – Tue. 8th December 2020 at 16:00-17:15 hrs. via Zoom Webinar

Episode 2: Digital Government ‘The key building block for Thailand 4.0 and enabler for economic recovery’

Tuesday 8th December 2020 at 16:00-17:15 hrs. via Zoom Webinar

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The transformation of Thailand’s government sector is a massive undertaking requiring a bold vision and determined execution. Currently agencies with on-line presence range from the well-digitalized with processes re-engineered and some integration, to on-line or soft copy filing (digitization) in silos, to a mere website for information, with little or no electronic interaction.

The long term vision for a whole-of-government system with interoperability, single sign-on (or one stop engagement), use of digital IDs, electronic or digital signatures and reliance on existing approvals and prior filings is mandated, planned and championed by a small number of government professionals. Legislation supports this outcome for all agencies, but there is resistance. The outcome is a vital part of the attractiveness and competitiveness of Thailand, achieving the Thailand 4.0 vision, real ease of doing business, and the happiness of user groups.

Digital government includes Government-to-Consumer (G2C), Government-to-business (G2B) and G2G. Processes and standards also impact B2B and B2C.

Government has three roles at least: policy maker/regulatory; operator of purpose-built platforms, and as a user.

This webinar covers mandates for digital government, plans, actions for digitalization, recent developments in fast track regulatory reform, an understanding of relevant laws and regulation, challenges with digital law making, cybersecurity, privacy, governance, electronic signatures and what the private sector can to do support the public sector digitalization effort.


Time Item
1545-1600 BGM / visuals / video clip
1600 - 1604 Opening

1605-1608 Housekeeping

1608 - 1620 Dr Supot Tiarawut – CEO, Digital Government Development Agency (DGA)
1620 – 1632 Assoc Prof Dr Tiranee Achalakul - Director of Government Big Data Institute (GDBi); Digital Economic Promotion Agency Thailand (DEPA), MDES

1633-1712 Moderated Business Roundtable with Q&A; Moderator: Mr Bob Fox (JFCCT & EABC).

1712-1715 Closing.


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