The umbrella organisation
for the foreign business community in Thailand

The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand is the umbrella body for various Thai- foreign chambers or
business associations operating in Thailand. There are 34 chambers and business associations representing more than
9,000 companies in this wide membership.


Vibeke Lyssand Leirvåg Chairwoman JFCCT

Our mission is to promote trade and foreign investment, encourage skills development and transfer with the overall aim of contributing to the economy in which we live and work and to which we have made our commitments. We work with the Royal Thai government and various government agencies such as the Board of Trade, Board of Investment and the Federation of Thai Industries and many sector-specific agencies, and by way of advice and recommendation to foreign governments – for the benefit of the Thai economy. If the Thai economy benefits and grows, so too will all those who are part of it.

The JFCCT and its member chambers can trace a history going back some decades. As the relationship has become closer, we have come to see ourselves as real partners with Thailand: partners with government and partners with the private sector in this positive story of economic development and growth.

The JFCCT aims to contribute to the economic development of Thailand in a positive way, across all sectors of the economy. Through education, discourse and collaboration, rather than by making demands, the JFCCT aims to build consensus amongst its constituent members and work with all others in the economy on proposing solutions and through collaborating on problem solving. We thus do and will continue to propose and recommend positive developments and oppose threats which would undermine in the long term Thailand’s economic development. We draw on the experience and expertise of our members in making our contributions. We see ourselves as champions for the best ways to help make Thailand a leader in being attractive for foreign investment, and in attracting the most valuable kinds of foreign investment.

As countries internationalise and the world globalises, culture can be affected. The JFCCT does not have a social or cultural role. It is also not the JFCCT’s aim to seek that its members take the jobs of others, or to insist that things must be done (which might be more appropriate to a foreign country). As our membership base represents the rest of the world, we are in a good position to bring to bear the best and most appropriate ideas and proposed solutions with the aim of growing this economy both qualitatively and quantitatively. The JFCCT has its own organisational arrangements which are designed to ensure that consensus is built, and that the most constructive proposals and the most relevant experiences come to the fore. There are a number of specialist groups (Committees if permanent and Working Groups if ad hoc). We welcome an even closer consultation and involvement to be able to express our views constructively and to find the best solution in areas where the foreign business community are stakeholders.

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