JFCCT/EABC Conferences: BEING DIGITAL FIRST WEBINAR SERIES on Wednesday 28th October 2020

Episode 1: DIGITAL TOOLS: Electronic Meeting, Electronic Signature

The first part of the webinar series BEING DIGITAL was held on 28 October 1400- 1515 by Zoom Webinar. The series is co-organised by JFCCT and EABC and supported by ten foreign chambers.

The first Episode of ‘BEING DIGITAL’ series webinar was on ‘DIGITAL TOOLS: Electronic Meetings, Electronic Signatures’.

Mr. Kowit Somwaiya, Managing Partner of Law Plus Ltd, has a comprehensive view of Electronic Meetings regulation and operation,. The Emergency Decree on Electronic Meetings B.E. 2563 (“EDEM”) made in April 2020 in response to the COVID-19 for E-meeting’s MDES was a major change in the law. Minimum Information Security Standards and ETDA Information Security Standards were also included and practical advice on holding meetings was also provided.

Electronic Signatures was addressed by Dr. Sumaporn (Srisoonthorn) Manasan, Legal expert in the Legal Services Bureau, Fiscal Policy Office of Ministry of Finance. Dr. Sumaporn has presented the efficient use of eSignatures, secure electronic signatures (digital signatures), and from a finance industry use perspective.

Mr. Bob Fox, Chair, Digital Economy/ICT Group (JFCCT and EABC), was moderator.

Look out for future webinars in the BEING DIGITAL series, to include Digital Government, Data and Data Privacy, Cybersecurity and other topics.


  • Event slides/Agenda
  • ELECTRONIC MEETING LAW-Mr. Kowit Somwaiya's presentation
  • FinTech ESignature-Dr. Sumaporn (Srisoonthorn) Manasan's presentation
  • Speaker bios/ Moderator questions