ICT Committee

ICT covers a wide variety of interests, including telecommunications services equipment, technology and equipment, IT services, IT aspects of creative economy, software and software development and digital broadcasting. The digital economy, however named and described, is part of this scope. The ICT group aims to contribute to the economic growth of Thailand in and through ICT, build consensus amongst its constituent members in the ICT arena and facilitate business collaboration and the transfer of skills. ICT by its nature is global – the services it provides, the resources it uses, do not on their own recognise the physical and political boundaries of nation states. Technology transfer, skills development and the transfer of knowhow and the various policies and regulations which impact such activity are all part of the purview of the ICT group. The ICT group collaborates with and usually meets jointly with the EABC Advocacy Group on ICT see http://www.eabc-thailand.eu/advocacy-groups.html ictchair@jfcct.org or secretary@jfcct.org

ICT Group Agendas

ICT Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are confidential to the committee members, the JFCCT Presidents Council and chamber boards. A quarterly report is intended for wider circulation. Members should use a document level password to view the minutes.

Submissions and Policies

The JFCCT – ICT Group has made a number of submissions and suggestions to Thai government and government-related bodies, covering the development of ICT industries. Some of these submissions appear here.In all such material, the JFCCT – ICT group aims to be constructive and to contribute in a positive way consistent with its overall objectives.

Industry information, White papers, Talks.

Laws and Regulations

Industry Regulators

Industry Organisations